Make Money Online Tips – Facebook Social Media Mania

You can ‘t really discuss social media without mentioning the most talked-about social networking site on the internet right now: Facebook. Any make money online tips would surely include the fact that Facebook has become is becoming a serious contender for the throne!

Not that long ago MySpace was the #1 social networking site
but between September 2006 and September 2006 Facebook
climbed from 60 to 7 in the Alexa rankings. As of this
writing, Facebook is at #6 and MySpace is at #5. But
everyone – including internet marketers – talks about
Facebook now.

Facebook began in 2004 as a social networking site just for
Harvard University. Then it expanded to include all the ivy
league schools. Then it expanded to include all colleges,
high schools and universities. Facebook opened to everyone
over the age of 13 with a valid e-mail address in September
2006. Even though Yahoo, Google and other companies offered
to purchase Facebook, it remains an independent company.

Because of the privacy settings, Facebook is more private
than conventional e-mail and is a good way to find other
people in your niche or industry. Let’s take a look at some
of Facebook’s features:

Photos: 14 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every
day, making Facebook the most popular site for uploading
photos. Unlike Flickr and other photo websites, there are no
limits to the number of photos a member can store on their
page, although each album can only hold 60 photos. There are
privacy settings so that you can choose who can or cannot
view your albums.

Wall: You can write messages on the walls of your friends.
It’s a way to make a quick contact without having to send an
e-mail. These messages can be seen by the other friends of
your friend, so as a marketer you can use wall messages to
strategically promote your products.

Notes: Notes is Facebook’s blogging feature that comes with
a RSS feed. You can import posts from your other blogs to
your Notes.

News feeds: At a glance you can see who has updated their
page and see their new status messages.

Facebook Platform permits an almost endless number of
applications by outside developers. These include platforms
where you can list your books, favorite songs, top friends,
favorite movies, games such as chess and Scrabble and on and
on. You can personalize your page with these endless

Unlike MySpace, you cannot customize the layout of Facebook.
But this does not deter people, proving that young people
don’t always need fancy graphics to hold their attention.

In fact, most parents of high school and twentysomethings
know that Facebook is where there kids spend much of their
time on the internet, favoring Facebook over conventional e-
mail. As a marketer you should pay close to attention to
this. Websites like Facebook might very well replace
conventional e-mail in the future. So if you don’t already
have an account you should expand your social media horizons
and sign up and start to learn how it works. The only way to
understand Facebook is to plunge in and start using it.